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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace  

CATEGORY: Personal Development
  Online & Mobile
1 CPE Credits
Level: Basic

In today's workplace, organizations are comprised of a variety of races, cultures, religions, ages, and lifestyles that interact regularly, making workplace diversity training even more crucial. The norms that dictated behavior a half-century ago are transforming. To be successful in today's corporate environment, employers and employees must develop an awareness of diversity within their business through appropriate diversity training in the workplace. Proper training can assist organizations in this development.

Diversity in the workplace is apparent in everything from our names to the types of food we eat, and long-taboo subjects are now discussed freely. People with disabilities often work alongside openly gay co-workers, and various languages are spoken by employees and customers alike. Human conditions from obesity and dwarfism to mental and physical illness are treated with increasing sensitivity and openness.

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