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M&A Practice Aids: A Toolkit for Ensuring Transaction Best Practices  

CATEGORY: Specialized Knowledge & Applications
2 CPE Credits
The nature of involvement of financial professionals in M&A activity is generally sporadic and, in most cases, requires them to ‘reinvent the wheel’ when it comes to planning and implementation. The objective of this webinar is to short-cut the planning, preparation, execution, and reporting processes by providing aids that expedite the execution of those transactions. The webinar consists of logically organized forms, schedules, and report outlines designed for that purpose. Practice aids for both the buy- and the sell-side of acquisitions, as well as strategic alliances, are covered. The practice aids are presented in a manner that reflects the logical progression of each of the transaction types. Context is provided to show the linkage between the steps in the transactions and the critical role that the forms, schedules, and report outlines play in transaction execution. Accountants in industry will benefit from an understanding of how these tools can maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their firm's transactions. Accountants in public practice will learn how to assist clients involved in M&A transactions, as well as how they can apply theses aids to their own practices.

Instructor: William J. Gole, CPA, MBA
Instructor assignments are fluid and subject to change.

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