Nano Courses

Need some quick CPE credits? Try a nano course! Per NASBA standards, a nano learning course is a 10-minute, electronic, self-study course in which you are eligible to earn 1/5 (or 0.2) CPE credits. Nano learning provides a unique opportunity to tackle new subjects, presented in bite-size learning modules, so you can earn quick CPE even when you’re short on time.

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Get quick CPE credits

Learn about a specific topic, how to complete a certain task or computation, or solve a problem — in just 10 minutes.

Choose from dozens of courses

Our full library of course topics include accounting and auditing, taxation, technology management, and more.

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Earn CPE at just under $10 per course. Or get all your nano courses for free when you subscribe to Premier Plus.


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Get the best value for your budget with a CPE subscription package. Our Premier Plus, Premier, and Professional CPE packages offer a suite of learning options, with plans available over one, two and three years. What's more, Premier Plus subscribers get unlimited access to a full library of nano courses to earn quick CPE credits, along with our compliance tracking tool to record and analyze courses against your licenses.