Professional development is more than counting CPE credits. Leading firms design specific learning paths to give employees the tools necessary for success in each phase of their careers. Our learning path module provides firms the framework to:

  • Set clear learning expectations for their employees, and
  • Analyze firm-wide progress with professional development goals.

Professional development is more than counting CPE credits. Leading firms design targeted learning curriculums to give employees the skills necessary for success in every phase of their careers.


Checkpoint Learning's LMS allows firms to design various learning paths to match levels within the organization and/or competencies they want employees to achieve. Professional development managers can assign one or more path templates to each employee, indicating target dates for course completion and whether particular learning is mandatory or optional. Firms can further utilize this system by:

  • Customizing learning plans for individuals
  • Generating firm-wide reports to measure the degree to which employees are meeting learning expectations




Checkpoint Learning can provide team leaders with direct access to their team members' CPE information, learning plans, and course registrations. A team leader, a.k.a. "coach," can receive email updates on his/her team's CPE compliance progress, adjust a team member's training plan as needed, and receive email notifications when team members register for courses. Coach accounts are a great way to empower team leaders to actively supervise their teams' learning.


Employees can retrieve their CPE compliance status, register for courses, and view their learning plan on their Blackberries, mobile phones, or other handheld mobile devices. Employees can even complete course evaluations via their handheld devices.

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